Video Looking for (my) Poetry

Video Looking for (my) Poetry
2006 – 4 mins 30 secs

The video is based on the concept between Words and Image, together with the poem of Brazilian Poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade; ‘Looking for Poetry’. In this poem, Drummond analyzes the process of creation, looking for the essence of his own words.

“…Enter the kingdom of words as if you were deaf.
Poems are there that want to be written.
They are dormant, but don’t be let down,
their virginal surfaces are fresh and serene.
They are alone and mute, in dictionary condition.
Live with your poems before you write them
If they’re vague, be patient.
If they offend, be calm.
Wait until each one comes into its own and demolishes
with its command of words and its command of silence…”